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I wrote this last night and it is what has spurred on my desire to start a blog. I hope you like it. Just before 212 began I noticed something during part of my weekly drive.A new building was going up along the road.I continued to look each week as I drove by wondering what the building would become.Until one day I found out; a storage facility. I was so disappointed, of all the possibilities, really, that’s what someone decided needed to be built! So I continue to pass the future storage units and now I have noticed they are everywhere!I feel like I can’t go a mile or two without seeing one and I can even think of a few places where other new storage facilities have recently been built.So I did some research. According to the Self Storage Association there are almost 46,500 storage facilities in the USA. The storage business brings $20+ billion in annual revenue to the USA. I, personally, don’t have a storage unit I pay monthly to use.But if you walked into the third bedroom of my ho…