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I wrote this last night and it is what has spurred on my desire to start a blog. I hope you like it.
Just before 212 began I noticed something during part of my weekly drive.  A new building was going up along the road.  I continued to look each week as I drove by wondering what the building would become.  Until one day I found out; a storage facility. I was so disappointed, of all the possibilities, really, that’s what someone decided needed to be built! So I continue to pass the future storage units and now I have noticed they are everywhere!  I feel like I can’t go a mile or two without seeing one and I can even think of a few places where other new storage facilities have recently been built.  So I did some research. According to the Self Storage Association there are almost 46,500 storage facilities in the USA. The storage business brings $20+ billion in annual revenue to the USA. 
I, personally, don’t have a storage unit I pay monthly to use.  But if you walked into the third bedroom of my home you would think I was renting one out. Over the past year things have just begun to accumulate. All things that I feel I need for some reason or another. I had a friend once tell me that if you don’t touch something in each of the rooms in your house daily then it’s wasted space.  During 212 I began to realize all the things were just wasting space in that room. I had even moved my sewing projects to another room for lack of space in my now storage room.  Over the last few months the room had become so bad I just closed the door.
The saddest part is that this room isn’t just a room. It’s a concrete representation of the constant disorganization in my life, in numerous areas.  I am constantly feeling like I’m playing catch up, having dreams I’m late, I can’t get where I need to be, etc..  All the while, convincing myself that I’ll get caught up. Then I heard some encouraging words – we weren’t meant to handle things alone. God wants us to rely on Him, for everything. There are NO exclusions.
So, I’ve begun the clean up. And man, it’s not pretty, especially when I try to revert to doing it alone again. But when I think about how my relying on God can make way for some radically generous changes it’s exciting.
Phillipians 4:13 For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.


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