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100th Day of School

It happened, my sweet 5 year old has been in school 100 days. It seems impossible! So, before I start gushing over where time went and how it happened so fast, I will gather my self and tell you what we planned for the 100th day of school.  If you haven't had a kiddo involved in the 100th day of school they are asked to bring in 100 of something. It can be anything, as long as it fits in their book bag.
Derek's first choice was pennies. He continually told me that he wanted to do pennies despite my futile attempts to convince him otherwise. However, by day 97 I had begun to plant the seeds of "Are you sure that's what you want to take?" and "I'm afraid everyone else will have the same thing." and my personal favorite "How about we put 100 stickers on your clothes?"  All I can say is thank goodness he didn't pick the stickers, we would have been very late to school!  So on day 97, we were getting ready to leave Gramma's house when Derek turned to me with his cute little grin and waved his little finger and said "Actually, I've thinking about taking something else, like noodles."
So the idea was born noodles were now our choice (which quickly turned into a noodle necklace). The next day I spent searching around for neat looking noodles.  Gramma had given us some macaroni and cheese boxes, but those noodles weren't big enough for the yarn I know Derek wanted to use. When Derek got home I told him about how we could dye the noodles.

I found directions online that said to put a table spoon of Rubbing Alcohol with 3-4 drops of food coloring to dye noodles. I have to say the smell wasn't great, but it was easy to do and worked out really well.  I gave the boys a bowl full of noodles and a baggy. They were in charge of picking the color and how many noodles to put in the bag.

They really liked watching how they turned out and what mixing the different dyes would make.

Next, we laid them out on a paper towel on a cookie sheet and left them to dry overnight. They didn't really need that long, they were dry after about 2 hours.

This was our first try at the colors. They didn't absorb as much as I had hoped. So, I took the red and a few others and re-dyed them leaving them in the color overnight. They turned out MUCH better.
The next day Derek made his 100 bead necklace. It turned out great and he was the only one with 100 noodles!


  1. Do I see a possible art project for this summer here???? Dying noodles to make something .... hmmmm :)

    1. Not a bad idea! But we should wear gloves, my hands were so stained after that! lol!


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