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Running Towards Change

I've written this blog in my head over and over for a few days now, but am finally ready to put to 'paper' so to speak. So here it goes....

       Change is inevitable. Change is usually good. It helps us grow, improve and learn. But change can also be scary and daunting. That's the change I'm dealing with right now. See, Friday was possibly one of the biggest days in my life in a long time. Seems like a such a strong statement but it was. I formally resigned from my music therapy position with the local school district. This is a job that I held for 11 years. It was my first real job. You know, aside from the working at The Limited, grocery store, or selling accidental death and dismemberment insurance over the phone type summer jobs I had throughout college and before.  And yes, I actually did sell D and D insurance and was pretty decent at it, but we'll leave that for another blog post. 
       Being a music therapist has been a job that I've lov…