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Homemade Bean Bags

This past summer I was asked to make some bean bags for my church's pre-school classes. I had fabric left over from super hero capes I had made for the classes as well.  Anyway, I thought I'd show you how I did it. It really wasn't very hard, just straight stitches, but it was a lot of steps!

I started by cutting my fabric into 4x8 rectangles. I planned on making 20 of each color (red and blue) so I cut out 40 rectangles to make the bags double layered so they were a little sturdier.  Next I folded them all in half and ironed the fold. Next, pin the side opposite the fold and sew two sides of the square starting from a corner of the folded side. When you get to the corner leave the needle in the fabric, lift the foot and turn the fabric 90 degrees to do the next side. This will give you nice crisp perfect corners. Make sure to back stitch when you get to the end and trim the thread.

It'll look like this after you sew it:
Next, you'll need to turn it inside out. Bu…